Best ACASIS Headphone 7.1 Surround Gamer Headphone USB PS4 Headband Ga – Byeh SHQ1
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Best ACASIS Headphone 7.1 Surround Gamer Headphone USB PS4 Headband Games Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset With Mic

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Products Parameter
Diameter of the driver
32 Ohm +/- 15%
115dB +/- 3dB
Frequency range
20Hz -20 KHz
Microphone dimensions
Microphone sensitivity
-38dB +/- 3dB
Microphone impedance
2.2 ohm
Working current Led
≤150 mA
Headphone interface
USB Plug + 3.5mm stereo jack
USB Plug + 3.5mm stereo jack
Product Description

Acasis brand was originally developed in Japan by a group of gamers and
industrial designers. Dedicated to high-end Computer peripherals research, development and manufacturing.

ACASIS team is a group of marketing product development, sales, brand authorization, after-sales service, technical maintenance.

R&D programme develop high
performance cost ratio HDD Enclosure / USB HUB / Laptop Docking Station / Video Capture and Thunderbolt series of products.

Future programme will be market-oriented, focus on customer needswith convenient work as the center,Initiate
new projects. Create ACASIS product ecosystem

Technical support provide firmware upgrade, product maintenance, remote guidance and product guarantee 24/7

NVME / NGFF / HDD Enclosure

Acasis HDD CASE a fter a long time
of technical accumulation, the breakthrough of many difficulties and technology, while the pursuit of innovation and speed, has been recognized by the majority of consumers.

ACASIS Product contains NVME / NGFF / 2.5''SSD / 3.5''HDD / Thunderbolt HDD Enclosure.
CNC product manufacturing technology.
Exquisite circuit PCBA.
Strict productivecontrol program.
Professional quality control procedures.

TV Broadcasting Equipment

Acasis Capture card with the rise of China's new live media industry, ACASIS Easycap received many domestic and foreign players love

Acasis Video Captur Card contains Internal / External Capture Card :HDMI Captur / SDI Captur, AHD Captur , 4K Captur , etc. port way

Acasis TV Broadcasting Equipment Developed about Windows / Linux / Macbook OS X Thunderbolt series capture box

④Acasis have product driven development ability, SDK Support.

Multi-function USB HUB

Acasis USB HUB contains USB3.0 port / USB C port / Thunderbolt series port for work,

Acasis products provide different scenarios, different people, different products. Give customers the most appropriate choice

Take the user as the center, product research and development diversification.
Can be used as a charging center, data transmission, data mining etc.
ACASIS will develop more products in the direction of new media, games and entertainment, medical collection equipment, intelligent office and intelligent AI, so as to bring people a more wonderful and convenient life.