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Pro13 Custom Logo 2023 Auricolare Ear Buds Mini TWS In-ear Wireless Earphone Headphones Earbuds

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Our Advantages
Capable - Your capable partner
From sample, mass production, to Quality Control, packaging and logistic, every detail procedure is done under the supervision of our experienced teams.
Products Description
Ⅰ Feature:
1. Wireless connection
2. BT V5.0 :
1) Low power consumption(Longer working time)
2) Better stereo sound
3) Automatically power on/ power off/ charging/ pairing/ stop charging when full.
3. Support Siri
4. Support Volume Adjustment, Previous & Next.
5.Very mini, easy to carry out
6. Support OEM: Custom logo/ color/ design/ package/ manual/ accessories etc.

Ⅱ Specification:
1. BT Version : V5.0
2. Charging Port : Micro USB
3. Battery of earphone: 25mAh/pc
4. Working time: 3-4 hours
5. Battery of power bank: 250mAh
6. Weight:0.13kg
7. Colors: Black, white,pink

Shipping term: EXW/CFR/CIF/FOB and so on.
Payment term: Paypal/ Bank Transfer/ Western Union/ Trade Assurance(VISA,MasterCard,e-Checking,T/T)

Ⅲ Marketing channel:
Your sales solution: Wholesale, Online retail, store sales, tie-in sale, promotion gift etc.

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