Tooth Paste Dispenser with Dust Cover Hands Free Toothpaste Squeezer f – Byeh SHQ1
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Tooth Paste Dispenser with Dust Cover Hands Free Toothpaste Squeezer for Kids and Family

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Tool-less Disassembly, Easy to Clean

1、The black toothbrush holder for shower can be easily installed and disassembled without tools. The smooth material is not easy to stick to stubborn dirt and is easy to clean.T
2、 It is recommended to clean every 5-7 days, always take care of yourself and your family.

Universal Toothpaste Interface

1、 The toothpaste connector has a diameter of about 0.394 inches and a height of about 0.591 inches. The elastic connector is suitable for most toothpastes with outlet tubes.
2、 Attention:Toothpaste Caliber ≤0.394 Inches


1、 Applicable wall: smooth tile, wooden wall, smooth marble, smooth glass, frosted glass, smooth metal.
2、Not applicable wall: wallpaper, lime wall, paint wall.

Installation tips

1、Please clean the wall of the bathroom before installation, and press the tape firmly when attaching the tape.
2、 Stick the adhesive on the wall and fully exhaust for 24 hours before placing the toothbrush holder.
3、Before using the sticker, it is recommended to use a hair dryer to dry and heat the wall to make the paste stronger.
4、If you paste it in the wrong position, you can blow the non-marking sticker with a hair dryer for a period of time. After theglue softens, the non-marking sticker can be easily removed.

Use of automatic toothpaste dispenser

1、When inserting the toothpaste tube, rotate it first and then press it down to ensure that the connection between the toothpaste and the mouth of the toothpaste squeezer is sealed.
2、Important Notes:when using the toothpaste squeezer kit for the first time, pls squeeze it several times to expel the air until the toothpaste is squeezed out.